How do I cut this potato into wedges? (anglais)

Roxanne Varey

I spill it

I drop it

I bump into it

I knock it over

Can’t stand music anymore

Just adds to the noise in my head

I wish I could take off these gloves

What’s the word for that?

Sorry I meant to say….

How do I cut this potato into wedges?

I just can’t see it in my mind’s eye

I’ve done it before

It just must be another hole

In the Alzheimer’s brain of mine

I spill it

I drop it

I bump into it

I knock it over

© Roxanne Varey 2014

Midnight Maid

The clock strikes midnight,
And the housework begins;

Empty the dishwasher
Clean up kitchen counter,
Sweep the floor
Linseed oil the door,
Put in a load a laundry
Return library books in nightie,

Now there are a lot of things,
I thought Dementia would do to me
But I never thought I’d become the
Midnight Maid.


I am not me because,
I screamed at my husband over the phone
Because I was frustrated
Because I couldn’t find this certain music I wanted
Because I had asked him to put it on my computer earlier
Because I couldn’t get the laptop mouse to work
I wanted to throw it out the window
Because I wouldn’t be content with anything else

I am not me because,
I raised my voice at a receptionist
Because I was late
Because I didn’t know where I was going
Because I forgot what time I was supposed to be there
As I had used the back of the form to write my medications
Because time slips away on me
I am not me because I have Frontal Temporal Dementia

© Roxanne Varey

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