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Tip Sheets

The following are tip sheets available for downloading (PDF):

Dementia Specific Resources

How do I get My Relative Diagnosed

Memory Loss

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Planning Resources

Financial Planning 

Care Planning Checklist for Caregivers

Having a Back-Up Plan

Managing Finances

Planing for a day when you can no longer drive

Preparing for in-home help and support


Coping Resources

After the Move - Adjustments for the Caregiver

Care for the Caregiver

Grief Related to Caregiving

Holiday Tips for Caregivers

Holiday Tips for People Living with Dementia

Taking a Break

Understanding Behaviours

Anger Agitation

Behaviours Understanding Changes



Late Day Restlessness

Paranoia Delusions

Repetitive Behaviours

Sleep Disturbances



How to Engage a Person with Dementia

Maintaining Relationships

When families do not agree

Long-term Care Resources

After the Move - Adjustments for the Caregiver

After the Move - Communicating and working with staff

After the Move - Visiting

Finances and Long Term Care

Placement Series - Adjustment following placement

Placement Series - Communicating with staff

Placement series - Day of Placement

Placement Series - Making the Decision

Placement Series - Visiting

When a Move is Necessary

Last Updated: 08/26/15
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