Vic and Judi VanDeCappelle


Vic and Judi VanDeCappelle know that most people don’t learn about Alzheimer’s disease until it affects someone close to them.

They were the same way before Vic’s dad was diagnosed.

It’s one reason why the Woodstock couple is so eager to support the work of the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. They are our 2017 Presenting Sponsors.

“When you’re exposed to it you’re definitely more motivated to fix the problem,” Judi said.

“We’ve seen it firsthand. And then you hear so much about how the needs are only going to get greater as this population – including us – gets older.”

The VanDeCappelles have learned a lot about living with Alzheimer’s, caring for a family member with the disease, and about how to go about preventing dementia.

“The Alzheimer Society does a remarkable job, especially this chapter. They are very active, and they’re pretty innovative,” Judi said.

In late 2016 the couple gathered info at the Alzheimer Society’s Brain Booster workshop. It really left its mark on Vic and Judi.

“I’m working really hard keeping my exercise up so I can fight Alzheimer’s,” Vic said, noting that he’s working with a trainer at his gym to help stay active and healthy.

But he picked up a few tips about mental exercise at the Brain Booster session, too.

“They were explaining that if you do Lumosity, if you do Sudoku – anything to challenge your brain – even reading, it really helps,” Vic said.

The VanDeCappelles are longtime supporters of the Alzheimer Society of Oxford. They began by sponsoring the golf tournament through their business, and also contributed to the office renovation.

Now that the couple is retired and the golf tournament is no longer, they wanted to continue their support in a new way.

Their involvement is also an important reminder for Vic and Judi to focus on their own brain health.

“After you retire, especially, you can get into a real rut. A lot of people don’t have the money to travel, which keeps you busy, or they’re not physically active enough to keep involved in other things. I think that makes a big difference. You lose (memory and mental function) quickly,” Judi said.

Vic has the perfect example to show just how much we take memory for granted.

“I was talking to some guys, and I said, just try brushing your teeth with your left hand once. Just imagine that you have to do that every day,” he said.

“You realize it’s memory that’s making your right arm do (the motions). You try to brush your teeth with your left hand, you just about poke your eyes out!”

The couple is working hard on prevention in their own family, but they also want to help other local residents do the same.

Both Vic and Judi said they feel confident their dollars are being put to excellent use.

“It’s a good place to put money, because it’s the place that needs it,” Vic said.

“They look after people.”

Last Updated: 11/08/2017