Volunteer Companion Program

This weekly program creates meaningful matches between a trained volunteer and a person living with a dementia to provide opportunities for socialization and increase quality of life.

Who does it serve? The Companion Program serves persons living with dementia who are in early, or mild-to-moderate stages of the disease.

Process: If you believe you or your family member would benefit from being matched with a volunteer to increase socialization and companionship, please call one of our three offices, or email us at for more information:

As the Companion Program is focused on providing meaningful matches for both the person with dementia and the volunteer, wait times will vary from match to match.

We are always looking for potential volunteer companions - if you'd like to consider becoming a companion, please contact our Coordinator of Volunteers at or call one of our offices

Read Meagan's Story about her experience with the Volunteer Companion Program.

In addition, a bi-weekly telephone program is also offered for socialization and engagement. For more information please contact our Volunteer Companion Program Coordinator at or 519-742-1422.

Last Updated: 11/02/16
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