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Volunteer Friendly Visits

As a Friendly Visitor, you can:
  • Provide trained volunteers to engage in meaningful activities with someone living with dementia in the community
  • Provide an opportunity for caregivers to obtain some much needed personal time
  • Increase the involvement in meaningful activities in the lives of individuals living with dementia
  • Decrease social isolation of individuals living with dementia in the community

What to Expect

We ask that our volunteers spend a minimum of one hour per week with our friendly visiting clients. The times and dates when a volunteer visits will be established mutually between the person living with dementia, their care partners and the volunteer.

Qualifications of the Volunteer

  • Complete an 18 hour Volunteer Training certificate program
  • Clearance certificate through vulnerable sector police check
  • Well motivated, compassionate and caring
  • Committed to the position of Friendly Visitor for at least one year

Common Misconceptions

The volunteer is there to take on the role of the guardian or caretaker...

Truth: We encourage our volunteers to stay within their role as a Friendly Visitor.


The volunteer must plan an elaborate outing each week...

Truth: We ask that the volunteer engage in a meaningful activity which can be something as simple as a conversation about the past.

The volunteer is there to perform personal care for the client...
Truth: Our volunteers are not trained to do any personal care.

To learn how you can become a Friendly Visitor, complete our Volunteer Application Form.

Last Updated: 05/11/15
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