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Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope community honours, recognizes and thanks donors who have made a provision for a future gift to the Alzheimer Society through:

  • A bequest in their Will
  • Gifts of life insurance
  • Charitable annuities
  • Charitable trusts
  • RRSP's and RRIF's
  • Endowment funds

Through the vision of these donors we can make long-term investments in critical research for a cure and enhance the quality of life for people with dementia. Making a provision for a future gift ensures the sustainability of the Alzheimer Society's programs for years to come.

If you would like to join the Circle of Hope, simply print and return the member information form (PDF).  If you have questions, please contact us at

Circle of Hope

Alison Jenner
Herbert & Laddie Martin
Lucella C. Ross
Al & Daisy Schoen
Elwyn Starr

Anonymous (23)
David & Joanna Aune
Gloria Back
Katherine Bier
J.D Caughlin
Arlo Clark
Anicca de Trey
Earl DesLaurier
S.M Devine
Toby Fouks
Bob & Dana Golden
Bob & Sue Hastings
Paula Jakeman
Jack & Nancy Jefferson
Anna Krause
Rosemary Lear
Jack & Judy Love
Gary Lyseng
Phyllis Marchment
Betty McGowan
Patricia Mitchell
Sakie Nariiwa
Barbara Nightingale
Rose Pascal
Luce Prud’homme
Robert Rankin
Sandy Riley
Philip Seth
Gail Steiger
David & Nancy Street
Andy & Cheryl Szocs
Helen Wilson
Mark Zuberbuhler

Cal & Ben Shell

Audrey Coleman
Mary Ruth Hawkins
Pauline Spatz
Wilma van der Torre

Marlene Burton
Christopher English in memory of Basil, Kathleen & Margaret
Victor Tucker

Ellen Agger
Andrew Cornford-Matheson
James D. Grant
Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons

Brent Allen in honour of Mary Bernice Allen
Anne-Marie Ambert
Wilhemina Bakkenes
M. Ballantyne
Deborah Barker
Sally Bennett Politidis
M. Blakely
R.N Bose
Jean-Guy Bourgeois
Russ Buchanan
Jennifer Childs in memory of Poppa Childs
Brian Collins
Les Dakens
Pauline de Champlain
Bettie-Jane de Jersey
Karen Del Degan
Alison Denton in memory of Roland Sablick
Kathy Dewling
Les Ficzere in memory of Roza Ficzere
Donald Hodges
Maria & Jack Hudolin
William Johnson
Kit Julian
Holger Kluge
Sandra G. Knight
Hanna & Ben Levy
Nancy MacArthur
Charles & Peggy MacDonald
Al & Marilyn MacLean
Lois Martin
Sage C. McRae in honour of Betty McRae
Craig Mellish
Wilmer Minke in honour of Shirley R. Minke
Vaughan Minor
Kim Morgan
Douglas & Joan Napier
Lillian B. Rae
Jeff Renaud
Helen Rotenberg in memory of her sisters
Steve & Susan Rudin
Linda & Bill Saul
E. Savage
Ruth & David Smorodinski
Jean E. Sonnenfeld
Jean Spero
Ken Stead
Linda Stebbins
Laraine & Richard Tapak
Bill Twaddle
Ernest & Mavis Underwood
Rick Vader
Bep Vanderkooy
Jean Anne Verity
Jan Vicars
Heather E. Watt
Kathy Wright

Cheryl Babcock
Jeanine Trudeau

Gerald Naylen

Last Updated: 01/22/15
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