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Rob & Pat Van De Cappelle each hosted a Coffee Break at their place of work. They wanted to share some of the story behind their decision, in hopes that it might inspire others to do the same!

Coffee Break 2016  Coffee Break 2016 

Why do you choose to "give" my time to host a coffee break?

I choose to give my time (it's not a lot of time) to host a coffee break because the Alzheimer's Society has helped me through some incredibly trying times with my father, as well as assist me navigate through the medical system when I was lost. I wanted to ensure that they are there for other families in the future that need the help I needed and more importantly the support just to tell them as they did me that "it will be okay we will get through this together"

I chose to host a Coffee Break at my office, Frank Cowan Company Limited, in Cambridge, because my husband was holding his own at his office, GEM Benefits, Woodstock, the same day. As I was baking already for his event I thought it just made sense that would hold my own event at my office to help raise funds and provide some educational information for this under-promoted disease. As I found out this disease has affected many people that I didn't know had their own stories. The Alzheimer's Society has helped Rob when needed in assisting him with his father and it is a good, quick, easy way to give back to the cause. I will definitely be holding a bigger and better event next year!

What benefit do you feel in "giving" as a Coffee Break host?

I really feel that I am giving back to the people that gave to me, I guess paying it forward is the only way I can explain it. It lets me do something to fight a disease that many times makes me feel helpless, it's the least I can do to "help" my dad.

By being a host of a Coffee Break in my office, I was able to relate to some of my co-workers who are also dealing with the disease in their own lives. We shared stories of frustration, memories of good moments and how the disease has taken us for a rollercoaster of emotions over that past years with our parent, grandparent, etc.

Why do you think others should consider "giving" in this way?

I strongly believe everyone should find something that makes them feel like a part of the solution not the problem. Helping the Alzheimer's Society with fund raising by hosting a coffee break gives me that feeling, with little to no work. There is no better feeling that knowing you helped something bigger than yourself. I find Alzheimer's a very under exposed disease (even I knew very little until I was directly affected) it feels good to educate people during the coffee breaks and in general conversation and hopefully even make them maybe take a look at their loved ones and recognize symptoms early to help fight it.

Prior to my father-in-law developing signs of Alzheimer's I really hadn't had any knowledge of symptoms that I now can recognize in others. This disease is thought to be an elderly person's disease however there are more and more younger people who are showing early signs of the disease. With early detection there are now medications that can slow the progression, even though at this time there is not a cure for Alzheimer's. By holding a Coffee Break at my office, I was able to raise some donations which will hopefully help in the long run, in developing a cure one day. I can't do much for my father-in-law, but I can, and will, continue to help in any way that I can to help. It makes me feel like I'm contributing in a small way.

Last Updated: 08/02/17
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