Securities and Mutual Funds

Thanks to the Federal Budget of May 2006, you no longer pay capital gains tax on gifts of publicly traded securities and mutual funds.  If you own stocks or mutual funds that have grown in value and sell them, you will be required to pay tax on 50 percent of the capital gain.  By donating them to the Alzheimer Society Niagara Foundation, you will eliminate paying any capital gains tax, making this one of the most cost effective ways to donate.  Learn more about the benefits of donating securities at

Donating Stocks or Securities

  • Download our Stocks & Securities Donation Form to fill out and take to your broker.
  • Donate securities quickly and easily online through our partner - they will issue you a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation and transfer the proceeds directly to the Alzheimer Society Niagara Foundation
Donate Now Through!

Last Updated: 07/20/17
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