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What is First Link®?

When someone comes to your office with signs of dementia, you may not know how best to help them on the journey ahead. A First Link referral will help you focus on the medical conditions during visits while the local Alzheimer Society will assist your clients with dementia access information, support and services in their own community throughout the progression of the disease.

First Link, developed and endorsed by the medical experts, is based on the Canadian Consensus Guidelines on Dementia. Those experts recommend primary care providers use First Link as a support for patients and families affected by dementia.

Most Alzheimer Societies in Ontario offer First Link. Through self referral or referral by physician, people with dementia and their caregivers can connect with their local Alzheimer Society’s First Link program and better manage their situation.

To make First Link a part of your practice, download the referral form and contact your local Alzheimer Society.

Last Updated: 06/18/15
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