Coffee Break

Make your cup of coffee count!

Join us any time of the year to host a Coffee Break®. Your morning java will help make a difference in the lives of countless Nova Scotians!

What is a Coffee Break®?

Coffee Break® is the Alzheimer Society’s nationwide annual fundraiser where friends, co-workers and customers gather in communities across Canada to raise funds for local Alzheimer Societies. Participants at these events make a donation in exchange for a cup of coffee.

Where does an Alzheimer Coffee Break® take place?
Large corporations, small businesses, hospitals, schools, service organizations, health-care facilities and private residences are just a few examples of ideal places to host coffee breaks. You can organize an event -- large or small in your community, workplace or home.

When does it take place?
Coffee Breaks hosts can host a Coffee Break any time during September. Many Coffee Break hosts choose to host their event on World Alzheimer's Day, September 21.

How do I host a Coffee Break®?

It's easy! You can hold a break in your office, at home, at your church, in a local mall or anywhere you can set up a stand and serve coffee or give out forget-me-not cut-outs in exchange for a donation. You can also offer tea and juice, add cookies or pastries to increase the donations, or use the forget-me-not cut-outs for supporters to write their name on in recognition for their donation.

Why should you host an Alzheimer Coffee Break®?

When you host a Coffee Break, you are helping make a positive impact in the lives of people with Alzheimer's disease or another dementia.

“I wonder what will happen as my memories are taken from me by this disease. Who will I become? What happens with my idea of the person I was, my old identity? What happens when I don’t remember my old self?”

“I feel very good about the connections I have made with the Alzheimer Society. I know I am not alone and that when I need help, I can just call and someone will listen. Someone who understands what I am going through.”

– Sandra, living with Alzheimer’s disease

For more information, or to receive your complimentary Coffee Break® kit, please contact:
Hilary Carter, Coffee Break® Coordinator
902-422-7961 ext. 228


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Last Updated: 07/20/17
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