Council of Federation identifies dementia as a priority

Canada’s 13 Premiers of provinces and territories meet twice a  year  to talk about issues of common concern to discuss. In July 2013, the Premiers raised the topic of dementia after several letters from Alzheimer Societies urging them to address the issue.

Council of the FederationHere’s an excerpt from the media release:

The quality and sustainability of Canada's health care systems are being improved through the work of the Council of the Federation's Health Care Innovation Working Group who met on July 26, 2013. Premiers spoke about the important issue of dementia.

As our population ages, it is increasingly becoming an area of concern for provinces and territories. Premiers are determined to increase awareness, address the challenges and provide opportunities to improve early diagnosis and treatment. Premiers directed the Health Care Innovation Working Group to examine issues related to dementia, including identifying best practices for early diagnosis. Central to this is raising awareness of the early warning signs and various methods of intervention.

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The Alzheimer Society applauds the leadership of Canada’s provincial and territorial premiers in making dementia an important priority issue for the Health Care Innovation Working Group.

Awareness and early diagnosis will give the 200,000 Ontarians currently living with dementia, as well as their caregivers, access to treatment and support that will help them to live more fulfilling lives and remain independent in their communities and at home longer.

In less than 20 years, an estimated quarter of a million Ontarians will have dementia. This announcement is good news and a positive step in the right direction.

Here at ASO, we will continue to follow up with the Premier’s office as well as the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to see where we can be involved in broadening the circle of engagement of government officials and of supporting decisions being made and actions taken in regards to dementia, early diagnosis and treatment.

- Gale Carey, Chief Executive Officer
Alzheimer Society of Ontario


Last Updated: 12/07/2014