Living with dementia

A diagnosis of dementia can come as a shock not only for the person with dementia, but also for family and friends. You will all need reassurance and support. This section gives information about how you can make life enjoyable and full for everyone living with dementia.

  • Young man with grand parent. I have dementia

    Learn some of the ins and outs of living with dementia.

  • Day to day living with dementia Day to day living When you or someone you know has dementia, you want to make every day the best day possible.
  • Caregiver supporting person with dementia Caring for someone Caring for someone with dementia can be a great reward but it can be challenging at times. Prepare yourself with these tips.
  • Man holding baby plans for the future Planning for the future

    Organizing financial and legal affairs and making sure your preferences are known for the future are key decisions, best done in the early stages of dementia.

  • 2 people participating in community events Staying connected Stay connected to the things that matter, and live your life to the fullest.
  • 2 people communicating together Communicating Understand how dementia affects communication, and learn some useful strategies to help communication throughout the progression of the disease.
  • 2 people walking together into the fog Grieving

    Grief is a natural process. You may experience ups and downs throughout the progression of the disease. Learn more about how to cope with your feelings.

  • Health-care provider helping person with dementia be safe Safety Dementia can affect a person’s physical abilities and mental acuity. Learn more about protecting yourself or a family member who has dementia by keeping your environment safe
  • Understanding behaviour Understanding

    Dementia can affect the personality and behaviour of the person with the disease.

    Learn more about understanding and responding to these changes associated with dementia.

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