Richard Jankowski

Richard Jankowski is a prominent member of the business community, with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of commercial and industrial construction management. In 2000 he made a personal commitment to start getting more involved in worthwhile, professional, not-for-profit organizations. When asked to work with the Alzheimer Society, it seemed like a good fit as he was impressed with the leadership and commitment of the Society’s management and staff.

Richard began volunteering for the Alzheimer Society in 2008, serving one term on the board and its committees and four years as Gala Chair. His most memorable experience was transforming the Gala – selling out the venue every year, building sustainable funding and support relationships, elevating the brand of the organization and creating and renewing great friendships. Other highlights of Richard’s volunteer experience include securing funding for a research chair, contributing to a strategic planning process and learning about the reality and complexity of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  He had the opportunity to work with the organization, gaining an appreciation for their sincerity and commitment. Richard views being asked to help as one of the highlights of his work with the Society.

Richard believes that volunteerism in general is fulfilling and everyone will have their own reasons to do it. He states that for every “hand out” there is an incredible need for a “hand up," and it isn’t always about money. On the importance of volunteer work, Richard stresses that balance of hard work, blended with sincerity, integrity and perseverance, when done on a volunteer basis, is an essential self-development tool that is transferable to one’s own personal values and conduct.

While Richard has stepped away from his work with the Alzheimer Society to re-direct his energy to another set of causes, he misses the people. This he sees as the by-product of a successful, worthwhile and enriching experience.

Thank you, Richard, for helping make the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan what it is today!

Last Updated: 03/24/14
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