Dr. Andrew Kirk

Dr. Andrew Kirk, Professor and Head of Neurology, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Andrew Kirk is a Professor and Head of Neurology at the University of Saskatchewan. In his capacity as a neurologist in Saskatoon, he provides care for people with dementia and their families daily and desires to advocate more broadly for improving care. He’s had several relatives affected by dementia and has seen first hand the impact these illnesses can have on people and their families.

AwarenessDr. Kirk served as a board member for the Alzheimer Society for six years and found it to be an exciting experience working with people who were so committed to the cause. He has also served as a medical advisor to the Alzheimer Society and acts as a media spokesperson for research and medical related topics. Dr. Kirk is also a wonderful addition to any of our events. As a toastmaster, we can always count on him to be a stellar emcee!

Dr. Kirk gave his first public talk on dementia in 1991 and for over twenty years has been giving educational sessions to the public and physicians, so that more people can gain an understanding of the disease. He has conducted numerous public presentations to help increase awareness and understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well as healthy brain presentations on ways to lower your risk of dementia. There are always familiar faces in the audiences when he gives talks, patients and families, and he enjoys seeing so many people interested in learning more about Alzheimers disease.

He views his volunteer work for the Society as an integral part of his work as a neurologist, and encourages other professional caregivers to get involved in their own way.

In 2007, Dr. Kirk was given an Honorary Life Membership for his contributions to the Alzheimer Society.

In November, 2012 we had the honour of presenting Dr. Kirk with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for his volunteer contribution to the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan.

Last Updated: 03/24/14
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