Cosmopolitan Learning Centre

Our Friends from Cosmo

Thursdays are a special day at the Alzheimer Society office in Regina. For the past fifteen years, every Thursday morning a very special team of volunteers has come to help the Society with whatever task is needed for the day: newsletter mailings, stamping pamphlets or stuffing envelopes. It really doesn’t matter what the task is because the volunteers from the Cosmopolitan Learning Centre are always there – and excited – to help.

But stuffing and stamping isn’t the only thing they give to the office; when they walk in the door they bring smiles and fun! Even on the dreariest or busiest day, our Thursday morning volunteers always make time to stop and chat with the staff.

The individuals with the Cosmopolitan volunteers have changed since the group started coming into the office fifteen years ago but the dedication has remained the same. Over the years they have taught us what volunteering is all about – a willingness to help to the best of your ability and pride in a job well done, no matter what the job is.

Our many thanks to Cosmopolitan Leaning Centre volunteers who give us their time and their hearts!

Last Updated: 03/24/14
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