Volunteer Profiles

Whether acting as board members, helping out around the office, raising their voice by sharing their personal experience, lending a hand at fundraising events or facilitating a support group, our volunteers are vital to ensuring we can help those affected by dementia.

We asked some of our volunteers to share their stories so you can understand why we appreciate them so much!

Cosmopolitan Learning Centre                    Dr. Andrew Kirk

Marcy Verbeke                                           Pat Bagwell

Ruth Lea                                                    Cathy Hinther

Susan Weir                                                Richard Jankowski

Volunteerism Award Recipients

2016 - Carol LaRocque

2015 - Ted Sayer

2014 - Sons of Scotland Benevolent Society, Regina - Camp Balmoral #177

2013 - Barb Stewart

2012 – Pat Bagwell

2011 – Jean Mahon

2010 – Trudy Retzleff

2009 – Therese Jelinski

Last Updated: 02/16/17
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