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The Power of Music

Music can be a powerful source of joy, comfort and inspiration in our lives. People living with dementia and their family members attest to the important role music has in their lives. Research, some of it proudly sponsored by the Alzheimer Society, confirms this. The Alzheimer Society created the video, "When words fail, music speaks" to show the positive affect of music and released this video at the Alzheimer's Disease International Conference in March 2011, in Toronto. Please enjoy and share with others.

The Power of Music

The Alzheimer Journey

The Alzheimer Journey is a resource for family caregivers. It consists of three videos that follow the three stages of Alzheimer's disease and a fourth video that explains how brain function is effected.

The Road Ahead - Module 1

The Alzheimer Journey: Module 1 - The Road Ahead

On the Road - Module 2

The Alzheimer Journey: Module 2 - On the Road

At the Crossroads - Module 3

The Alzheimer Journey: Module 3 - At the Crossroads

Understanding Alzheimer's disease - Module 4

The Alzheimer Journey: Module 4 - Understanding Alzheimer's Disease: The Link Between Brain & Behaviour

Last Updated: 12/15/11
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