World Alzheimer's Month - people participating

World Alzheimer's Month

Every year in September, World Alzheimer’s Month unites people living with dementia around the world. From Australia to Zimbabwe, people with dementia, carers and Alzheimer associations take part in wide-ranging activities to raise money and awareness of dementia.

As a co-founding member of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), the Alzheimer Society of Canada is proud to be part of the growing list of countries participating in World Alzheimer's Month, as the global dementia movement gains momentum.

This year’s theme Dementia: Can we reduce the risk? highlights the importance of maintaining a brain-healthy lifestyle. For tips on how to improve your brain’s ability to sustain long-term health and fight illness, visit the brain health section of our website.

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) has released its World Alzheimer Report 2014, “Dementia and Risk Reduction: An analysis of protective and modifiable factors”. The report makes recommendations to drive public health campaigns and disease prevention strategies. To read the 2014 report, please visit

Alzheimer Societies across Canada will celebrate World Alzheimer’s Month in many different ways. To learn more about goings-on in your province, please visit the website of a Society near you.

Our national annual Coffee Break® fundraiser launches September 18, 2014. To find an event near you, please visit

World Alzheimer Report 2014: Dementia and Risk Reduction - launch highlights:

Can we reduce the risk of dementia?

Last Updated: 08/24/16
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