PEI Provincial Dementia Strategy

During the sitting of the spring and fall legislature the Minister of Health and Wellness and Family and Human Services, Minister Currie shared there is a Provincial Dementia Strategy. On November 25, 2015 it was stated by Minister Currie, “We are committed to moving forward on a strategy to make these services better and to continue to embrace the challenges facing us in this area of our health care system. The strategy will recommend a continuum of care over the life of an individual living with dementia from prevention to end-of-life care. It will proactively respond to projected demographic changes with a goal to improve quality of life for patients and families.

The strategy will include recommendations to raise public awareness of dementia as well as early recognition, diagnosis, and treatment and drug therapy. It will recommend education and training for health care providers as well as ways to enhance the quality of services and supports for patients and their caregivers. We are grateful to the many partners who participated in the strategy including the Alzheimer’s Society of PEI, dementia experts from across the country, health care providers, physicians, and family members.

Government was pleased to provide the Alzheimer’s Society of PEI with an additional one-time funding of $95,000 earlier this year to expand their First Link® program province-wide, which has become a very popular and successful program. First Link® is an innovative referral program for patients, families, and caregivers. It provides support from the point of diagnosis and throughout the progression of the disease (See Hansard Notes November 25, 2015 - page 1704-1706)."

The Alzheimer Society of PEI was grateful for the recognition and funding for First Link. Based on the Provincial Dementia Strategy submitted to Health PEI in 2011, a key priority was funding the First Link program. 

On November 26, 2015 the Minister of Health and Wellness and Family and Human Services, Minister Currie shared responses to questions taken as notice. He stated “I rise to update the Assembly from questions from yesterday’s Question Period on the provincial dementia strategy. We are grateful for the many partners that created, particularly the Alzheimer Society and dementia experts from across Canada. The framework for the dementia strategy is complete and the Department of Health and Wellness has received it. The work has been well under way (See Hansard Notes November 25, 2015 - page 1704-1706).”

This is indeed an exciting confirmation for the Alzheimer Society of PEI.  We have requested a meeting with our new Minister of Health and Wellness, Minister Henderson. We are excited to work together on this Provincial Dementia Strategy and in particular, First Link. In July, 2015 our Nova Scotia Alzheimer Society team has worked beautiful with government on their Provincial Dementia Strategy (  

2016/17 promises to be a year for our Provincial Dementia Strategy and continued First Link funding. 

A meeting with Health Minister Robert Henderson is confirmed for May 4. 
Update will be provided as legislature sitting continues and following our meeting of May 4.

Dementia Friends Legislative Assembly Unanimous Support - Motion 29 

On June 18, 2015 the Hon. Member from Stratford-Kinlock, James Aylward moved, seconded by the Hon. Member from Morell-Mermaid, Sydney MacEwen, the following motion:

WHEREAS dementia is a set of symptoms that is caused by disorders affecting the brain including memory loss, difficulty performing familiar tasks, reduced communication abilities, impaired judgment and reasoning, and mood and behavioural changes;

AND WHEREAS the Alzheimer’s Society of Prince Edward Island provides valuable educational services, supports and assistance to Prince Edward Islanders who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease;

AND WHEREAS the Society also plays a crucial role in advocacy and education on behalf of all Islanders suffering from various forms of dementia in our province; 

AND WHEREAS the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada has recently partnered with the Government of Canada on a public awareness campaign known as Dementia Friends;

AND WHEREAS the Dementia Friends campaign encourages members of the public to learn a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turn that understanding into simple actions that can help people with dementia live well; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Legislative Assembly endorse the goals of the Dementia Friends campaign;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Assembly encourages Islanders to learn more about the Dementia Friends campaign and ways that they can help support Islanders living with dementia.

A standing vote was called and all members present stood to approve the motion. It was also noted by Minister Currie that a Provincial Dementia Strategy and First Link were supported (see Hansard Notes June 18, 2015 - page 471-487).

Last Updated: 04/25/16
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