Researchers in Ontario

Research is the key to unlocking the mysteries of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Greater understanding of what causes these diseases and how they progress will inevitably lead to improved treatments and, ultimately, cures. Here are some of the people who are making a difference in Alzheimer's and dementia research today.


Tom Schweizer digs into the science of driving and dementia with a driving simulator that can monitor brain activity. 


Krista Lanctôt and Nathan Hermann are researching for alternative medications to help treat severe agitation. Read more >>


Frank Rudzicz is using robots to talk to people with dementia.


Dawn Guthrie is turning her personal experience as a caregiver into groundbreaking research. Read more >>

Lili-Naz Hazrati


Lili-Naz Hazrati is particularly interested in changes to synapses - the connections between neurons that allow them to communicate. Read more >>

Ekaterina Rogaeva


Alzheimer's researchers Ekaterina Rogaeva and Paul Fraser are a scientific tag-team who recreate crime scenes. Read more >>

Beverly and Howard


PhD candidate Beverly Francis and her supervisor, Howard Mount, recently used low-tech toys in an experiment designed to pinpoint regions of the brain affected very early in the illness.. Read more >>
Dr. Forbes


Dr. Forbes' program of research focuses on supporting persons with dementia and their care partners in rural and urban Canada Read more >>


Alex Mihailidis, University of Toronto biomedical engineer, develops technologies to help assist people living with dementia Read more >>


Geriatric Psychiatrist, Corinne Fischer investigates the connection between delusions and Alzheimer's disease  Read more >>



University of Ottawa neuroscientist Diane Lagace is trying to figure out how adult brains make new cells. Read more >>


Nicole Anderson, senior scientist at Toronto's Rotman Research Institute, is conducting a series of studies comparing people with healthy brains to those with amnesic mild cognitive impairment Read more >>

Last Updated: 04/28/16
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