Person-centred care in long-term care homes

The Alzheimer Society of Canada is committed to engaging a variety of stakeholders in improving the quality of life of Canadians with dementia living in long-term care homes and their family members. As the Alzheimer Society embarks on this ambitious initiative, we are mindful of our need to work in close collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals. A steering committee has been created for this initiative, populated by nationally and internationally recognized champions of person-centred culture change in long-term care.

Read the project plan overview.

The Steering Committee will lead the culture change initiative by guiding and helping to create opportunities to hear from Canadians living with dementia, their families, and from the management and staff of long-term care homes in Canada. A particular focus of this initiative will be to learn how quality of life is defined by individuals living with dementia and their families from a person-centred perspective and how to make person-centred care the norm for people with dementia living in long-term care homes in Canada. 

The culture change work will build on the Alzheimer Society’s “Guidelines for care summary of evidence-based guidelines for care of people with dementia living in long term care homes”.

Read the Steering Committee membership biographies.

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Last Updated: 11/08/2017