Living with dementia


Making the decision to move

Making the decision to move the person you have been caring for to a long-term care home is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make. However, it may also be necessary, for both your well-being and that of the person you are caring for. You may want to talk over your decision with your family physician or a social worker.

Being prepared can help make this decision less stressful. Often, when a vacancy becomes available in a long-term care home, you will need to make a quick decision about accepting it. Familiarize yourself with the long-term care homes in your area and ask questions about the services, policies and costs of the home beforehand. This will help you make the best decision.

A number of resource people can help you in your search for an appropriate long-term care home. These may include your local Alzheimer Society, support groups, friends or family, doctors, faith leaders, social workers, social service agencies or local organizations for seniors.

Last Updated: 08/27/12
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