Eileen's Eyes

Tony Wright

We met in 1948, the 14th of September
Etched on this young sailor's brain, so easy to remember
A night ashore, a couple beers is all it's meant to be
With other guys in uniform arrayed for all to see
My eyes light on the cutest girl coming from the dance
We say hello and chat a bit so maybe there's a chance
She said her name was Eileen, I was stricken, no surprise
I ventured close and looked into the loveliest of eyes

That was the beginning and it's lasted all these years
We've shared some fun and lots of laughs and even shed some tears
Along life's path it seems, many problems will arise
All easily resolved by the love in Eileen's eyes

More time has passed, advancing age, we wonder what's in store
Then key signs of forgetfulness come creeping through the door
Not true I say, it cannot be, life can't be so unkind
To take away my Eileen and tamper with her mind
I take her in my arms and hold her close with buried sighs
And shed a little tear when I look in Eileen's eyes

Ten years since this first came to be
It tears away one's dignity
Not able to reason or understand, I have to take her by the hand
And guide her through the simple chores of switching lights and closing doors
At times she seems so meek and mild it's like one has another child
But when the pressure starts to rise, I find support in Eileen's eyes

It's bed-time now I'm glad to say, we've made it through another day
Some ups, some downs, some sad, some grand, some things so hard to understand
A few white lies here and there, to help her understand and care
Now, as her head on pillow lies, so fragile there with half closed eyes
I hold her hand and touch her hair. She understands and knows I'm there
A gentle kiss - I love you, that's the magic word
If something happens in the night, it's the last thing that she heard
Tomorrow as the sun will rise. Once more the love in Eileen's eyes

© 2015 Tony Wright

Last Updated: 04/28/16
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